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AINP for H1B

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Posted by NikiSinhup (86) 10 Sep 2016#1
Who remembers this program from circa 2009?

Wondering what happened to all the folks who applied/landed/settled etc.? 6 years later are you happy with the decision?

I made the call to stay back in USA hoping for GC but that seems to have not been a great decision in hindsight. Oh well, thats life.
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Posted by justinline (61) 04 Oct 2016#2
to NikiSinhup:

I do buddy, I applied through AINP-H1b program and over two years back I moved up to white north. Initially I did regret the move, but seeing what's happening with Eb2 India retrogression, regret is less definitely. Earlier I did plan to move back eventually when my priority dates got current, but going by present pace my mid 2010 priority date doesn't even look probable in 2018 or 2019.

There are tons of people and lot of IT crowd who moved up here from US, I have met lot of people with priority dates in 2007, 2008 , 2009 and so on. In the the IT department of my current company, there are many such cases. Some want to move back others don't want to waste any more time for US immigration.
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Posted by keepoptionopen (207) 18 Oct 2016#3
to justinline:

why the regret? salary and taxes? or is there more? is the work culture and social life same/better/worse?
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Posted by justinline (61) 29 Oct 2016#4
to keepoptionopen:

Work culture wise very different, US is more talent and merit based compared to Canada which is more networking based. In US people change jobs more often compared to Canada where job positions take a while to open. Also new immigrants may find difficult to get interview calls as they will have very limited network in new job market.

Social life wise you may find Canada lot more cosmopolitan compared to US, at least all the cities there is lot more diversity compared to US. Lot of good restaurants and ethnic food variety. Society wise as well Canada is much more liberal compared to US. Crime wise cities are much safer and all of the cities have very good transit system, you can do without having a car. Universities are much cheaper and provide good value for your money.

Salary, taxes and cost of living wise of course may be little bit of shocker, but that does not bother me much now. They are what they are. With present USD/CAD exchange rate expect a 25-40% downgrade in salary levels. Its a trade off..... what you want and how much premium you want to place on waiting for Green Card and always living in stress of losing your job or contract. I did have lot of regret earlier due to salary levels, I was making way over 100k USD on average for last couple of years before I moved to Canada, here if you ask for 100k CAD sometimes hiring managers squeal as if you are asking for his first born.

Lower salaries may have been inconsequential had the house prices kept its pace with average salaries here, but house prices here are so bloated you wont be able to buy a shit with your salary levels. Housing market here feels like the pre 2007-2008 era housing prices in US, just before the recession hit and prices came tumbling down, but here they just keep climbing. If a property is listed for is what your realtor will tell you

- If you are serious your bid should be 540-550k range.
- If you want to be competitive you bid around 525-530k range.
- if you are just feeling lucky go for 505-510k.

Universal health care here is much over hyped as far as I am concerned. It is more or less a rationing system with long wait times and too much red tape. The quality does vary province to province and region to region within a province as well.

As I said earlier the regret is much lower as I see retrogression for India, it might so happen tomorrow they may pass the immigration reform or even the EAD for approved I140 rule. But on whole I feel I made the right choice, its a calculated risk.
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