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Member Profile: Roy1234 (2 posts)

Hello, I'm Roy1234 (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 05 Dec 2016
I have been a member since 09 Aug 2016
I have added 2 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 30 Nov 2016
Roy1234's Immigration Cases
H-1B case: Pending for 922 days (828 days more than average)   (1 comment)
User: Roy1234 Nationality: India
Application Type:newService Center:Chicago
Processing Type:regularApplication Filed:15 Oct 2015
USCIS Received Date:Receipt Number:
RFE Received?:yesRFE Received Date:
Reason for RFE:My Amendment is in RFE, my employeer is not able to prove emploeer epmloyee relationship.RFE Replied Date:
Application Status:pendingApproval/Denial Date:
TN Status:Most Recent LUD:
Total Processing Time:Days Elapsed:921 days
Case Added to Tracker: 11 Aug 2016 Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016
Notes: I have few questions, if anybody any help. If my amendment is denied, what can I do? Can I transfer my H1B when my amendment is still pending? I can legally stay and work in USA?
Roy1234's Posts
Posted in H-1B Forum on 30 Nov 2016
Topic: VISA Stamping-221(g)

I had F1 visa and did my MS in USA, from last 1.5 years I was working in USA as a full time employee with a US based company and they filed my H1b visa.
I have visited India while on F1 and OPT a few times, this is the first time I have visited on H1b visa and attended interview at Chennai, interview went well but VO gave me Blue slip and status as “under administrative processing”.
I am really worried, VO told me they cannot guarantee time frame for this process and it might take long. I have to be in office soon; I am afraid to lose my job if takes long.
Please help me with any information and how long does this process usually takes.
If anybody are in similar situation like me pls do reply.
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Posted in H-1B Forum on 11 Aug 2016
Topic: H1b amendment processing time?

I my H1b is valid till Aug 2017, I work on vendor-client model, since I am client loction my employeer filed H1-B amendment and my first project was short-term, I am at same location but with different client. My amendment is in RFE, because my employeer failed to prove employeer-employee relationship. I think it could be declined.
What can I do if my amendment is declined?
Can I stay and work in USA legally?
Can I transfer with some other employeer?
Does it affect my H-1B, if it is declined?
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