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Member Profile: SahilS (3 posts)

Hello, I'm SahilS (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 19 Dec 2017
I have been a member since 06 May 2013
I have added 3 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 29 Mar 2016
SahilS's Immigration Cases
H-1B case: Approved in 193 days (99 days more than average)   (2 comments)
User: SahilS Nationality: India
Application Type:transferService Center:Vermont
Processing Type:regularApplication Filed:28 Mar 2013
USCIS Received Date:29 Mar 2013Receipt Number:EAC131xxxxxx
RFE Received?:yesRFE Received Date:30 Apr 2013
Reason for RFE:RFE Replied Date:23 Jul 2013
Application Status:approvedApproval/Denial Date:07 Oct 2013
TN Status:Most Recent LUD:
Total Processing Time:193 daysDays Elapsed:
Case Added to Tracker: 09 May 2013 Last Updated: 26 Dec 2013
SahilS's Posts
Posted in H-1B Forum on 29 Mar 2016
Topic: H1b amendment processing time?

Hi Arbor86,

I am in the same situation as yours. My family went to India and returning in June. I don't think we'll receive amendment results by that time. So could you please let me know whether you were able to go for stamping on previously approved H1B with the filing receipts for amendment??

Appreciate your response.

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Posted in I-140 Forum on 07 Jan 2016
Topic: I-140 EAD approved by OMB

Hi GunturAspirant,

I am so relieved after reading your post. That's exactly what I was looking for. I am in the same boat and using old I140 for lifetime H1 extensions would really help lot of people from India/China stuck in long GC process.

But I can not find this rule on USCIS website or documented anywhere else. Would you have a link that mentioned this officially?

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Posted in H-1B Forum on 08 May 2013
Topic: H1B Transfer - RFE, Wife travelling from India on H4


I have switched from company A to B and filed my H1B transfer (regular) on March 28. I received RFE on April 30 and my employer said its pretty normal and we need to send company details, work responsibilities, relationship with clients, work details etc. So I was wondering if anybody had similar RFE on his application and how much time it takes to get the approval after such RFE?

I am concerned about one more thing. My wife has travelled to India and she would be returning in a month. So I was wondering if she'll face any issues at Immigration if my H1B tranfer is still in the process? (Not sure, if my prev employer has still maintained my H1B or cancelled it). My current employer said she'll be fine if she shows them the receipt of my H1B application?

Appreciate your thoughts/advice..

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