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Hello, I'm VaderLuke (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 10 Apr 2018
I have been a member since 06 Jan 2018
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 10 Apr 2018
Topic: IV,RHC etc etc- Suddenly all disappears

SIRA, SIIA, RHC, ITSERVE are all the same. They all banded together. I still do not understand why there are still idiots supporting people whose core values are against what you need. ITSERVE needs the backlogs in place for them to make money. They donated a lot to RHC. There are still sheep who think they are going to do something.

All they were trying to do with DALCA, 392+, 5/5 nonsense is to kill the HR392 bill, which is the only one that can pass in the current environment. Anything else will mean CIR, which will not pass in the next 8 years. The most common way to kill a bill in DC is to add provisions that will make it lose support for the core idea because of these frivolous provisions.

IV has been working on the per country since 2008. The original idea came about in 2007. This simple fix has taken so long to take root in congress. Now everyone in congress knows about the bill, its ask and why it is the most common sense bill on immigration. That is the reason you see that being added to any bill on immigration.

If anyone thinks it is easy to pass a bill in congress, think again. The tax law did not pass overnight as it being portrayed in media. The republicans have been trying for this since 1994 and got a chance only now. DACA as terminology came about a few years ago, but the concept has been socialized in DC for more than 10 years. The interested groups have been working on it for more than 15 years.

Similarly IV group has worked on this per country bill for more than 10 years to get it to this level with HUGE number of cosponsors. They why is it not yet on the floor? That's politics for you. If you were constantly working on this, you will know the full story. Take part in advocacy to learn how things work. Being a keyboard warrior is easy. Taking action is what counts. Signing petitions, chatting in forums, tweeting etc. are all the action taken by cowards, who do not have even basic courage to take action to remedy their situation.

The current trend of denials of H1, removal of H4EAD, soon OPT, changing definition of employer-employee, defining special occupation and many more to come are all part of systematic effort of anti-immigrants in the administration, who have been waiting for a chance like this for more than 30 years.

If RHC is as influential as it claims and they care about the community as they claim, ask them to work on the low hanging fruit of H4EAD. If they are not lying it should be easy for them to talk to administration officials to get them to NOT remove H4EAD. This is an admin action and does not need legislative approvals and so should be pretty easy for them, if they are what they claim. Post this as a challenge to them and see how quickly they get it done. I will bet they will not and cannot do squat.

Our community needs to wake up and start smelling the coffee. See what is in pipeline and plan accordingly. That means plan B, going back to home country or to some other country if you have the chance. Or start taking action by actively participating in advocacy. Join IV state chapters and work with local folks. Getting this bill passed this year is the only chance you have of surviving the coming tsunami.

The state chapter folks are more knowledgeble and have been doing this a lot longer than any of the folks behind keyboard. Remember IV is not a single person. It is not 4 or 5 people either. It is huge group of volunteers who saw the light and started working together to remedy the situation they were stuck in. Advocacy is not just talking to lawmakers. It is about know what to talk and when and to whom. The broader strategy is needed to hone your message and the delivery of message. Without this, you may as well shout inside your house. There is no use without broader strategy.

Some idiots keep harping about donations. Without donations, how are you going to hire lobbyists? If you knew the cost of hiring a part time lobbyist, you will fall off your chair. And good ones cost your whole body, not just arm and leg.

Like it or not, thats the way law making works in DC. Companies have spent millions and cannot show anything for it. Undocumented groups have spent millions and are not where they want to be. IV, with meager donations has got a bill introduced on the floor for 3 terms and has now gathered more than 300 cosponsors. If you think, this is an easy task, pat yourself on the back. You are one of the most ignorant ones when it comes to law making.

If you don't take your destiny in your hands and work actively, you will be swept away along with others who are inactive and ignorant.

As to what is happening right now. A lot. But everything is behind the scenes. There is nothing to publicly discuss. Join state chapters and work with them. That is how you can contribute to this cause and change your destiny.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 18 Feb 2018
Topic: SUE IV

You are a funny guy. Just to get your blood going again, HR392 is not dead. Have fun.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 16 Jan 2018
Topic: Immigration Voice or Immigration Noise

Some idiots will never learn because they refuse to learn. RAISE act will never happen in the current climate. Anyone saying otherwise is just deluding you. Look at the number of original cosponsors of the bill. Other than two anti immigrant senators no one else has signed on. If a bill with 302 cosponsors with no controversial aspect to it and supported by every known caucus in the House is yet to be passed, some people are dreaming about RAISE.

HR392 helps every one regardless of PD if you are a backlogged immigrant. It gives you predictable timeline to your GC. The only people who will oppose it are some idiots who already got their GC, trolls or some ROW folks who will lose the extremely unfair benefit they currently have due to the country of birth discrimination that is present in the current system.

The whole talk about moving to merit based is a misnomer. It presupposes the current system is not based on merit. That is laughable to say the least. The current employment based GC system is based on merit and there is merit in family reunification as well. To say otherwise is nonsense.

Is there abuse in the current system? Sure, more effort is needed to rid the system of abuses and this should be welcomed. But this does not mean throw the system out and start don’t burn down a house and build from scratch if the house requires minor repair and paint.

For folks taking about chain migration, look up visa bulletins and see how long it takes to chain migrate a family and come back to report here.

This is a land of immigrants, liberty and opportunity. Throughout history there have been racist or xenophobic forces that tried to close the door on others after they came in and every time they have failed. Goes to show the greatness of this country. Only a small vocal minority is xenophobic or racist, the vast majority are welcoming of immigrants and this great country will remain so because of its ability to be a melting pot.

The only bill that can pass for legal immigrants at this time is HR392 outside of CIR and we know the chances of CIR. Focus on HR392 and ignore the noise from trolls, idiots and people who want to discriminate based on country of birth. The idea has taken root on the hill to such an extent even an extreme bill like RAISE has this included. We are very close to finish line. Focus on the bill and get your relief.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 12 Jan 2018
Topic: Feedback on IV call

I am saying we should support HR392, I am with you. But do we have fall back. Same bill came 3-4 times in 6 years. First time passed in House. Now not even passing committee. Do you see it will pass this time? Just to let you know, Getting rid of country quote is very tough thing and it will take time(I am positive here). That doesn't mean, we shouldn't consider other option. As IV representing our community, why they are not proposing some kind of relief along with DACA and other immigration changes?

Since you didn’t listen to the call and are ignorent of the ground reality, here are the facts. At this time only HR392 can pass, period. There is no fallback. This is the only bill that has 302 cosponsors with support from every congressional caucus. It took almost 10 years to educate all the varoius offices and get them to cosponsor this bill. There are political reasons why this has not been included already or has not passed the committee or house yet, which is being handled.

The admin cannot and will not do anything for you. Many members of the admin are known antiimmigrants and if can do something, guess what they will do?

Unless you see another bill with 300 cosponsors that will help you, this is the only option. The plan B is wait in backlogs and get your GC whenever it comes if are still here after withstanding all the obstacles and hostile rules thrown your way.

This will be plan B that will result due to inaction.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 12 Jan 2018
Topic: Feedback on IV call

Some people will never learn. Everything was clearly explained in the call along with next steps. Instead of calling with no message and just whining about your situation, listen to the call, join state chapters and work with your fellow district and state members, read the advocacy materials provided and make the calls.

It’s all in the messaging and strategy. Blind calling will not work. Cannot stress this enough, we are very close to HR392 getting done. We need backlogged community to come together at this time to get it past the finish line. Stop listening to naysayers and follow the action items and messaging. The more people who join hands the better the chances of getting the bill done.

No one else will take interest in your issues except you. When you want a promotion you do not go to your manager and whine about how miserable your life is without that extra benefits you would get from the promotion. You message your achievements and why you are an asset to the team, what you can do to help the company and show how valuable you are so that the manager feels like promoting you is justified. That does not mean you go arrogant and say nothing will work without you. The strategy is in how you message is without coming across as arrogant or weak and maintaining the balance. That is precisely what we need to get this bill passed as well.

Your future depends on this. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines expecting someone else will do it for you. Take charge and start participating actively and this will be done in the next couple of months. The next 15 to 45 days will be the most critical for backlogged immigrants to get a fix.

Take charge and participate. If you miss this train, we are screwed to remain in the backlogs waiting for the next obstacle thrown our way by the anti immigrants in the admin. The tim for action is now. When the call is posted, listen to the call and take action.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 11 Jan 2018
Topic: Should I report this?

Fraud in any form should not be condoned. If you know for a fact and have evidence there is foul play, report it. If you don't have evidence and only suspicion, then report it as such. Your company HR and ethics team should be able to validate and help with this.

Level playing field is fair and is necessary for both immigrants and citizens alike and should be promoted whenever possible.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

I wonder who you all are that are so rabidly against IV. What is your agenda?

I know INCORE is sincere but who know what particular agenda the rest of you are trying to peddle.

What is your logic? Just because there is no alternative, you want everyone to support a crappy organization with no track record, who maintains secrecy and worst who doesn't even respect. I am not that desperate.

So when the bill is passed, you promise not to make use of the optional fee to get your GC on FIFO basis? Remember just because you think there is no track record does not make it true. Remember the volunteers are carrying your dead weight and have to compensate for your absence when advocating on the issue.

Join local IV state chapters and work with fellow immigrants and see for yourself what you can achieve when you advocate for your issues. Be part of the solution instead of pontificating and doing nothing.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

When you volunteer for something, the basic premise is you are not actually benefiting from it. So when I as an immigrant, volunteer for an org, I am working for something which can get my GC faster, which is a benefit. So you are basically a part of lobbying group.

There is no shame in being a part of lobbying group. However what is unacceptable is a lobbying group masquerading as a volunteer group. The organizational leaders claims they are volunteers putting in 20-40 hours per week for advocacy. When asked about expense statements against contributions they have no clear cut answers.

I work for my benefit, sure, but also for others. I do not get paid for my time and in fact donate money in addition to my personal time. Same is the case with all other volunteers. I see volunteering as an activity you do for which you are not paid. Lobbying, Advocacy, call it what you want, but I am doing something about it and so are so many other IV volunteers.

For me personally, I am taking action to secure my future and not sit on the sidelines. Specifically, I am not an armchair critic, judge and analyzer who does squat about the backlogged situation I am in other than complain. Shame? When backlogged immigrants who know about IV and still not participating in advocacy are not ashamed, why do you think volunteers will be ashamed.

In addition to the posturing, false bravado, and the boss behaves like some thing in an USCIS lawyers meet. Anybody working in US would realize that kind of behavior would most probably result in getting escorted out of the meeting, but people present as it some kind of an achievement akin to a Balayya (no disrespect to him) movie .

What about behavior from people like you? You would be welcomed with open arms and provided special treatment? Try doing the same thing to your boss what you do to IV and see whether the boss is escorted out or you.

The judge did not allow them to be an observer on SAVEUSA Vs DHS case on H4 EAD. But recent mails from them claim otherwise.

Your choice to decide if this is peddling or facts.

Judge has not yet ruled on the intervention. That is because the admin is still working on the case. The premise of the intervention was that we do not believe that would be the case. If IV had not intervened at that time, all it would take is for the admin to agree with the plaintiffs and settle the case, which means all H4EAD are rescinded with immediate effect. Since IV intervened, the admin was forced to defend the suit against the plaintiffs. But their 'defense' is that they literally agree with the plaintiffs, but have requested more time so that regulation process can be initiated and H4EADs rescinded.

If admin had tried to settle the case, the judge would rule on the intervention. Look at the facts of the case. the plaintiffs have not even proven that they have a standing in the case to sue. For that they have to show that at least one of the plaintiffs was personally affected because of H4EAD. When IV intervened, our defense is on behalf of 2 volunteers who would be personally impacted if H4EAD was rescinded. We have more standing than the plaintiffs. Hence the request for time. If Judge rules in our favor after intervention, it means judge agrees with the regulation as well. Then for the admin to change it, they have to show substantial change in the reason for the change in position. Govt cannot cite change of party ideology to justify change in position. Learn to read the nuances of the situation before you post something publicly.

Again you cannot tax deduct a contribution to IV, unlike your contribution to local charity, salvation army, temples etc.

That is again because of law. If a non profit is involved in advocay and contracting others for the same, donations are not tax deductible. That is the difference between local charity, salvation army, temples and IV. IV is not a charity org, but an advocacy organization comprised of grassroots volunteers. I know the amount of money I have spent personally on top of donations to travel to DC and other offices for advocating for our issues. So have all the other IV volunteers.

Advocacy on shoestring budget is not easy. If 1.5 million backlogged immigrants contributed $1000 each, then we would have sufficient money power to form super pacs and get reps who can pass our bill elected, similar to how tax reform was passed. With a shoestring budget, what IV has achieved is phenomenal. i am not the one saying this, I heard this personally from staffers I met in DC, who do this for a living. IV was personally mentioned on the floor by Rep. Chaffetz during bill introduction and passage of HR3012. If you think you gain credibility on the hill very easily, you would be sorely mistaken.

When some ignorant people ask what IV has achieved so far, there are lots of things, including the fact that today per country caps are acknowledged as an issue on the hill and the bill has 302 cosponsors. This is significant achievement for an organization of volunteers who spent money and their personal time on top of donations to advocate for this issue. So I can understand trolls disparaging the effort, but if you are a genuine backlogged immigrant, that is frankly insulting to the volunteers who are carrying your dead weight as well for the advocacy. Once HR392 is passed, all these folks will say 'thank you' and go their merry way. I sometimes wish they would apply HR392 only to people who advocated for the fix and no one else.

Also remember the existing volunteers are being selfless in carrying your dead weight as they have to compensate for your absence. The problem should be a simple fix if all backlogged community came together to advocate for the fix.

US is a working democracy and not like other places. So your participation will bring about changes.

Once again, my appeal to genuine backlogged immigrants, please reach out and join IV state chapters and work with your fellow volunteers. The fix is near and you will see lots of trools and other people opposing the fix create a lot of noise to discourage you from joining hands for the fix. Ignore the noise and join other volunteers to get a permanent fix for the unfair backlogs.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: Discussions in Today's WH Immigration Meeting

The ignorance and the tendency to be armchair judge and analyst of some seemingly backlogged immigrants is staggering.
HR392 is gone case? We should work on EAD for 140? HR392 will not get done because it will result in dem vote base?

When will you folks ever learn? What do you know about the political process? Do you really know why 392 is not being done? Do you think DACA will vote republican and hence they are doing it? How much more ignorant can you be?

I understand not everyone will be aware of the process. But at least have the humility to acknowledge that and look for answers. US Politics is way more than your simple armchair analysis and statements. It is like a chess game, where you have to think and play a game your opponent will play 4 steps ahead.

Stop with all of these silly analysis. Being at the ground level, I can tell you none of these are true or even matters. The broader reason is the complacency of backlogged community. We are reaching a critical mass of on the ground volunteers. Join IV state chapters and volunteer your time to follow the action items and work with your fellow state and district volunteers. You will see the real reason and what is being done to remove the backlogs.

We are in a very strong position right now and the game is ours to lose. DACA is getting started and there is more to come. But things are moving very quickly and the time to act is now. The next 15 to 60 days is very crucial for us. Do your part. If you are not willing to work on resolving your issue who do you think will?

Stop with armchair analysis and negotiating with yourself. You get nothing from it and it is totally useless. Get active and participate in sdvocacy. Join IV state chapters and you will see what real advocacy is. The more people we have in every district and state the more easier it is to get things done. Everyday more volunteers are joining IV state chapter. Add yourself to those numbers and you will be relieved from backlogs soon.

If you wait and think someone else will do it, we may miss the opportunity and you will kick yourself later or may be kicked out later by hostile policy changes. Regret gets you nothing. Action at the right time does.

Di it for your family.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 10 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

Us Fool or not yet to be proven

But IV has been caught Pants Down, Shirts Open.

IV is a Rogue organization with Zero credibility and Zero Success.

Now go and collect Dollars from Gullible folks and Sell them Aman 'Corrupt' Kapoor's Kool-Aid.

And then Party with those Dollars in a DC resort.

It’s beyond funny what you are doing. Please stop, you are just making a fool of yourself. It is entertaining, but realize that you do not have any substance and that is making you look like an idiot. Your ramblings are having no impact because people see through trolls very quickly. You can create any number of ids to support yourself, but it still gives you away.

Your accusations have no substance because you have no idea how things work on the hill. Try advocating for a change even if you are just against the bill. Unless you are paid to do this, you are plain wasting your time.

As I mentioned earlier, folks can just join IV state chapter and work with their fellow state and district members to see what IV is all about before deciding to donate a single penny. And people will and are trying that because of the awareness being created by volunteers like myself.

I have not hidden the fact that I am a volunteer for IV and have plainly stated my reason for supporting IV. For people impacted by backlogs, it connects very easily what I am trying to say and do.

As for AC21, You have spewed out a conspiracy theory that requires a nexus between IV and multiple news media outlets and their sources in the admin, elected representives to Congress, Indian govt, American tech companies, US chamber of commerce, orgs like compete America etc..IV has already given the timelines and explanations of events. Any logical person can see what happened. What is more probable: all of these folks are fools, gullible and nobody saw through the rumor of IV except you because of your genius. Or your analysis of the situation is wrong, plain and simple. If you think it is the former, you are plain delusional. And you do not have any credible response to any of these. Yet you keep blabbering that IV has been caught, exposed etc as if IV is a single person. What is your intent here and what are you trying to do. At least if we know that, I can give you some suggestions to make it more coherent and mildly effective :)

Or If you are really backlogged immigrant, let everyone know what is your plan to resolve backlogs, what you are going to do, what they have to do and since you are so sure about things, when the backlogs will be fixed with your plan. Or is your plan to do nothing and everything will fall into place as it has for the past 17 years on immigration?
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: DHS never considered AC21. IV is bogus

The fact that IV is posting specifically to address issues raised by folks who IV calls "trolls", it is clear that this defensive stance is just trying to cover their own deed. No sensible non-profit org that is really focused on solving problems would care to address the "theorist".

Very interestingly, any comment that does not thank them is deleted !!!! If you see a note "Top Comments is selected, so some comments may have been filtered out." ......... just means they have messed around with the comments ........ mind you none of the deleted comments were abusive but just don't agree with IV or thanked them ...... so much so for the First Amendment.

Read up on first amendment before you post :)
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: DHS never considered AC21. IV is bogus

VanderLuke you are a child, shut up and sit down, let the adults do the talking here.

As much as I support Yoder and Gabbard, the fact is that they are House Reps. These people are notorious for signing anything put before them by constituents.

Who is the adult here?

So you are saying congressmen and congresswomen sign anything put before them by constituents? Really? and you are a senior leader in state Republican Party? Do they know that?

Since you are such a big shot in your party, can you get a simple letter of support addressed to the President, for HR392 signed by your representative and get your rep to sent it to the president? Then we will talk.

You being an online, faceless, anonymous keyboard warrior has its perks, right? Just make statements however illogical it may be.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: Breaking news from IV

Why do many trolls keep referring to IV as an individual? You do realize it is a lot of volunteers across various districts and stated in the country, right?

Or do you mean to say all the volunteers are in a hive collective? It’s just funny to read statements like “IV thinks...”.
Just saying.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

Interesting Post.
What I'm reading out of it:
- Everybody who is against HR392 is per definition a Troll.
- They may have valid arguments but you (IV) seems not to be willing to listen to them. You are just going the easy Path: You are not on my Side so you are against me. Personally I think HR392 will not solve the root cause but only the symptom of the Problem. Why is IV not open for an honest discussion how to solve the Problem in the best way?
Don't just jump on the bill and follow it. Try to make it better.
I believe that the actual immigration system has a big problem which has to be fixed. HR392 is not the best way to do it. It may solve the Problem for 2 or 4 Years and the next backlog will build up.

Your Post sounds like that the bill has 300 Cosponsors because of IV. If this is the fact. Great work. Even being against the bill I’m absolutely able to honor the success. However I doubt that’s IV alone success. There are many people working of them and I would bet that many of them are not related to IV at all.
However if IV was the one organization which made it possible I wondering why it is not coming onto the floor for vote. If IV is so powerful that you got 300 members of the Congress to cosponsor shouldn’t be there a way to convince the House of Judiciary to discuss it and bring the bill forward?
Several members of the House of Judiciary did cosponsor the bill (I think more than half of them did). What is blocking them and what is IV doing to remove the blocking points?

I did not say everyone who disagreed is a troll. Read my post again. You may think 392 is not the best fix. That’s because you are not impacted by it. When you start your process in 2009 and you see someone who started their process in 2016 get their GC while you still wait for yours, not because of skills, talent, experience or education, but because where they were born, you will agree with what I say.

I am sure you know it is an unfair system and one which benefits you currently. I do not expect you to agree with me or support this bill. I would probably do the same if I were in your situation and you would probably do I am doing, try to bring fairness to the system, if you were in our situation.

There was no one else who worked on this bill. It is all volunteers from various states and districts that worked with all of these offices to get their cosponsorship. This bill has been in the last 2 congresses as well. If I remember right, for one office’s cosponsorship, it took the volunteers 4 years of multiple meetings to get them to support the idea and cosponsor this version of the bill.

As to why it is not being brought to the floor, there are reasons and they are being addressed. The more volunteers we have, the better it is.

Just as a heads up, once this bill passes, the current leadership will probably roll off and pass on the mantle to the next generation of immigrants to handle other issues. Hopefully that is something we can all work together on after this bill.

All the best with your GC process.
I don't like this postI like this post
Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

To genuine people who ask what has IV done so far? Please note IV is not just about leadership. It is a a lot volunteers from every state and district work on the bill and advocating for it at the local level. Someone pointed above that cosponsors hip alert is the biggest scam. What they will not tell you is that most of it was posted before it showed up on website.

Frankly it is insulting to the volunteers who worked and contributed their time and energy to get so many cosponsorships. We have mails of meetings, appointments and members at the state and district level who can confirm their work with various offices. Some offices were very hard to get requiring years of effort.

For folks who think getting congress to understand an issue is easy, why don’t you try doing it? It is one of the toughest jobs to do using a shoestring budget. For ex, FWD wants more H1s and have spent MILLIONS on advocacy and have nothing to show for it, yet.

Advocacy can only work because you have enough money power to get what you want or you are grassroots org with sufficient strength and work based on a strategy and message your ask based on situations on the ground in the hill. To folks asking why this bill is not yet done, politics is a bi***. I cannot go into any more details. But suffice it to say that IV leadership is doing everything it can to get it done with a laser focus.

It is very easy to think bills get done on their own. If you do, you are just ignorant. The first step to getting anything done on the hill is to bring awareness to an issue. It takes years to get here and requires constant contact with various offices. I can go to any office on the hill and I guarantee you they will know who IV is. That is because of the years of work and meetings out together by the org. At one point IV had done more than 3000 meetings to discuss about hr392.

Personally, I was fortunate to be part of the bill in the beginning and can let you know how this bill came about from an idea which everyone said can never be done to where it is right now. It is very easy to disparage the efforts of others, especially when you have not put in anything of your own. It is very easy to give ideas and suggestions and ask others to do the actual grunt work.

Doing the grunt work day in and out in the face of a thankless community takes its own toll. In 2008, all the leadership was very nice to everyone and went out of their way to not even offend anyone perceptually to where they are right now. If it were me in their place, I would have just let the thankless commmunity rot in backlogs. So I guess I have learnt something from the process as well.

If you are a genuinely backlogged immigrant, ignore trolls and naysayers and join the IV state chapter and work with fellow members from your state and district. You will learn a lot and help your family in the backlog.

Another story to see what is happening in the background.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: DHS never considered AC21. IV is bogus

so with rumour so much noise got seems they are strong guys...

Fact #1: DHS says they never even considered any thing as heavy as AC21

Fact #2: No one except IV knew it as early as December 18.

Fact #3: No one except IV's pet teddy BROKE this news (Leon Freso / mcclatchydc /Franco Ordonez)

Fact #4: Guess what who breaks clarification that there is no threat to AC21
(after people started smelling rat) > again (mcclatchydc /Franco Ordonez)

Fact #5: Who makes money from Fear IV

You are the best detective in the world. You know things that even elected reps do not. Even elected reps like Rep. Yoder and Rep. Gabbard are either in the pockets of IV or they are so ignorant that they also fell for IV rumor because they have no way of verifying it themselves. You are the only one who saw through everything. No one in the entire media, Congress reps, compete America, us coc, indian govt, anti immigrant orgs. have your level of knowledge. Rep. Gabbard even tweeted that her efforts with Rep. Yoder made the admin rollback their consideration of the change. Both reps sent a letter to the president to not do this and other reps issued statements of their own. All of them were acting on the basis of this rumor and none of them have sources or access to DHS/USCIS and so they had to rely on the rumor and acted on it. Only you figured it out. What a genius you are!

That was sarcasm if you did not get it :)
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

Very good questions, in addition have one question
1. Are the sponsors eligible to vote? On what basis is the leadership been elected?

Lets see if we get answers to these, whole community is watching. A litmus test for IV

What litmus test? What do you mean by sponsors eligible to vote? Whole community is watching? How about you spend 10 years of your life on the hill trying to get something done for the community that is ungrateful to put it politely and then become eligible for leadership?

Is there no limit to the amount of apathy our community has? Who else do you think is working for backlogged immigrants? If I was not stuck in backlogs, I will just laugh about the state of affairs in the backlogged community and will find it amusing.

Sometimes I wish I get my GC soon and just be done with this ungrateful backlogged community.

I keep repeating the same thing. Join the state chapter, work with your fellow state and district members and then decide for yourself. Stop being a keyboard warrior. Not sure how much clearer I can be.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

I would never follow IV after just what happened. You guys are playing with everyone's emotions right by using the current situation. Stop spreading rumors and work on something which really helps people.

Who is you guys? The thousands of volunteers who are working to fix backlog issues? You think all the volunteers have nothing better to do? You are demanding the volunteers work on something that helps people. Can you get any more ungrateful for all the work all the volunteers have put out so far for this issue?

Like I said, join state chapters, be active and then decide for yourself.
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Topic: Should you follow IV?

Once again, you are focusing on the wrong things, but since you seem to be genuine, I will respond to you.

1 - You have to admit that the whole AC21/H1B extension denial issue has been a bit fishy. IMHO, creating so much panic based on a "leak" should or could have been avoided until USCIS made it official.

Read the McClatchy article for details. Though some trolls will call out a nexus between IV and the McClatchy, please do your own research about them. That media website is not a small time org, it is a huge one. And the story was corroborated by various other media outlets verified with their own sources along with elected representatives through their own sources. This was to the extent that multiple reps issued statements against it, Rep. Yoder and Rep. Gabbard sent an official letter to the president against it, Numerous organizations like NASSCOM, Compete America, US CoC and even Indian govt officials were involved. You think all of this is from a rumor started by IV or are all of them paid by IV?

Look at everything that this admin has done so far and decide for yourself whether this is something they are capable of doing or not? Also, there have been lots of instances where updates are not provided for precisely the reason pointed out, no need to panic the general public. As a long time volunteer, I was privy to a lot more than what is public including the 'get your papers ready' fiasco. While it is easy to blame IV for this, think deeply about what is probable. I believe that the "leak", as you call it and the outrage/opposition it caused led to reversal of policy consideration. If this was adopted as an official USCIS policy, there is no going back, they will dig their heels in and numerous lawsuits and appeals would have resulted in a lot of impacted lives already with no effect. Look at what happened during date retrogression fiasco recently.

Once again think about what is more probable? IV making up a rumor and having all of the above folks in their pocket or the current admin given their history with their ban, rescinding H4EAD, redefining specialty occupation, deporting more than 200k TPS candidates, this was another policy consideration?

2 - I would like to see tax returns for IV for the last 5 years.
It is a public document, you can look at. Once again, wrong focus. As I said, focus on advocacy first before donating any money. Once you learn what is going on and work with your fellow state chapter volunteers, you will get the big picture immediately.

3 - Has there been any change in IV leadership in the last 10 years?
Fortunately Aman is still leading it and I would not have it changed, at least till I get my GC :). He has been very patient with our very thankless community and has the needed experience for this to pass. The core team members are relatively stable as well. Once they leave, you can rest assured, the next generation of leadership will have a lot of difficult continuing this. Heck if it were me, I would have given up long ago given the dismal attitude of our community.

4 - Has IV aligned with or hired any lobbying firm? I know its expensive but then a lot of individuals have been donating for a long time.
Yes, multiple times. But unfortunately lobbyists cost heck of a lot of money, even part time consulting ones. I do not wish to divulge the one number that I am aware of (dosent serve any purpose and not sure I am even allowed to divulge that) for a part time, consulting lobbyist and it is probably more than the highest paid tech worker. You can look up the earnings of lobbying firms for details. Currently Leon Fresco is helping us out. To employ a full time lobbyist, we need to have more predictable cash reserves than what we collect as donations. That is the ground reality.

On another note, while I will not divulge the full details and will let the IV leadership decide whether to divulge the details or not, I can tell you that during the 'Get your papers ready' fiasco during Obama admin, it was communicated by one of the very top officials in Obama admin in the presence of multiple IV volunteers that dates would be made current. Hence IV announced it. This was not a sudden development. The volunteers had known about it for more than 3 months before it was made public by IV. Unfortunately at the last minute the admin got cold feet and reversed their decision due to other political reasons. IV had nothing to gain by it other than to get our members prepared.

Once again, please join national and state advocacy IV telegram chapters and work towards action items first with your fellow state and district members. You will learn the nuances of advocacy and I guarantee you will see the light and then judge for yourself whether you want to donate or not.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 09 Jan 2018
Topic: Should you follow IV?

You have no logical response, do you? Genuine folks, take note.
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