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Member Profile: ctn09 (2 posts)

Hello, I'm ctn09 (report this user)
I am from United States
I last logged in on 23 Aug 2017
I have been a member since 24 Jan 2017
I have added 2 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 11 Aug 2017
ctn09's Posts
Posted in I-485 Forum on 11 Aug 2017
Topic: Whoever filed WH4 Complaint with DOL, Please Help!!

I am planning to file wage claim on my previous employer with Department of Labor. They did not pay my last month salary and also didn't paid the exact salary (last 8 months) what we agreed on recent extended offer letter.

But recently came to know that, I am only entitled to get the LCA salary as per DOL. Is this information correct?
If I only get LCA salary, I already got more than that.But as per my offer letter and agreement I still need to get my pending amount.

I remember,when I asked my old employer why my LCA is less, he said that is the minimum amount we need to pay you and it's not your salary. Can someone suggest, do i still have chance to get my due amount as per offer letter.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 24 Jan 2017
Topic: I-140 Regular processing time - Texas service center

My application approved on Jan 18th. I received the approval today from employer.
Application Date:06/26/2016,TSC

I raised SR on Jan 4th and got response on 13th saying

We have received your service request and researched the status of your case. We have had to perform additional review and this has caused a delay in processing time. Your case is currently with an adjudicating officer. You should receive a decision or notice of further action within 60 days.

On Jan 10th i requested my employer/lawyer to upgrade my case to premium(and agreed to pay the premium fee), but not sure whether its upgraded or not.

Uscis online case status still shows "Case was received". Is there any way i can check if the case was processed on premium or not other than asking employer/lawyer.
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