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Member Profile: gcsr (2 posts)

Hello, I'm gcsr (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 29 Apr 2017
I have been a member since 28 Feb 2017
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gcsr's Posts
Posted in H-1B Forum on 29 Apr 2017
Topic: 221 g white slip in new delhi

Hi friends

I got 221g white slip yesterday at delhi consulate the officer asked for I 797 and client letter which i provided. Officer returned my passport, I have my return tickets to US already booked for 20th may. Can someone please guide me on what can I expect and the tiemline for any update. I am in big problem as entire setup is in US inclusing cars and rented house with all stuff there, I am working in EVC model.

If someone can shed light what can be expected and how can I get this expedited will be very greatful, if I do not join by 22nd my client will look for a replacement.

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Posted in H-1B Forum on 28 Feb 2017
Topic: H1b amendment processing time?

Hello Friends,

I am working inn EVC model and have my H1 till 04/2018 with client A and approved I-140, 2 months back I changed to client B. The client A and B are in same city zipcode and only 1 mile from each other. We did not file new LCA or H1 amendment for client B.

My issue is I am going to India next month and have to go for stamping. Should I get my H1 amended to reflect correct client or its not required as its only 1 mile from earlier location. I am just worried that at time of stamping I will have client B letter but H1 says client A, so how will stamping go and will I get 221g or some administrative process. I can take printout of google maps to show that both clients are within 1 mile but dont know if it will sell through.

I am thinking of filing Amendment with H1 extension in premium, not sure as its not less than 6 months from H1 expiry even extension is possible. This will cost me $3k, I do not want to spend this if my stamping will not have any issue

Can someone guide me on this or someone tried this already

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