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Member Profile: gkaboo (3 posts)

Hello, I'm gkaboo (report this user)
I am from India
I last logged in on 02 Mar 2018
I have been a member since 31 Jan 2017
I have added 3 posts in trackitt forums
I added my last post on 19 Jun 2017
gkaboo's Immigration Cases
I-485 case: Pending for 2188 days (1523 days more than average)   (0 comments)
User: gkaboo Nationality: India
Country of Chargeability:IndiaApplicant Type:primary
Service Center:TexasCategory:EB2
Priority Date:18 Sep 2009Application Filed:23 Mar 2012
USCIS Received Date:26 Mar 2012USCIS Notice Date:
USCIS Receipt Number:I-140/485 Filing:non-concurrent
I-140 Processing Type:regularI-140 Approval Date:
First Fingerprint Date:Second Fingerprint Date:
RFE Received?:RFE Received Date:
Reason for RFE:RFE Replied Date:
Case Transferred to:Transfer Date:
Name Check Status:Name Check Approval Date:
I-485 Status:pendingI-485 Approval/Denial Date:
Card Production Ordered:Card Received Date:
EAD Applied?:AP Applied?:
EAD Approval Date:AP Approval Date:
EAD Received:AP Received:
Time to Get EAD Approval:Time to Get AP Approval:
Time to Get Fingerprinting Done:Total Time to Get GC:
Most Recent LUD:Days Elapsed:2186 days
Case Added to Tracker: 09 Mar 2017 Last Updated: 09 Mar 2017
gkaboo's Posts
Posted in I-485 Forum on 19 Jun 2017
Topic: Trackitt Prediction for EB2I

Does anyone know if these numbers include all immigrant visas given in March and April?

The reason I am asking is, if you go thru the categories and E11, E12, E13 and E14- There are very few of these issued in last 2 months. I can't find this data before March. (E11 is EB1A I believe)
Same case of non-immigrant cases for March and April- very few L1 visa given to India.
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Posted in I-140 Forum on 23 Mar 2017
Topic: H.R. 392, Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act

this is not a rule. This is a proposed bill to make a small change in the law.
And there is not requirements for co-sponsors. Bill doesn't need any co-sponsor to pass.
The issue is not co-sponsors. The issue we are facing right now is, it is too small to convince house to make a move on this bill. Not political motivation for them to move on it. It has been introduced in this past many times. Even it has passed in the house with 392 votes. (That is the reason he chose the timing of introduction so that the can get bill #392.) But that time it did not make it to the floor of the senate.(for the same reason- Democrats didn't enough political motivation for this change).

If it is brought up for a vote; it can easily pass in both house and senate as you can see not much objection to this change. But the issue here is how to convince these committees and sub-committees to move this bill and then convince them to bring it up for a vote. Current political scene is like; imagine you are in a theme park (like Disney) and there are so many roller coasters (other issues like healthcare, Russia, Supreme court etc.) there. and this bill is like someone selling a bouncy ball on the side. Everyone is interested in bouncy ball (HR 392) but not enough to care about it. Everyone just want to get on the roller coasters. Hopefully some tech companies will lobby for this bill to push it forward.
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Posted in I-485 Forum on 03 Feb 2017
Topic: USCIS Implementation of Jan. 27

Do we know what does this alert mean?

USCIS continues to adjudicate applications and petitions filed for or on behalf of individuals in the United States regardless of their country of origin, and applications and petitions of lawful permanent residents outside the U.S. USCIS also continues to adjudicate applications and petitions for individuals outside the U.S. whose approval does not directly confer travel authorization. Applications to adjust status also continue to be adjudicated, according to existing policies and procedures, for applicants who are nationals of countries designated in the Jan. 27, 2017, “Executive Order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.”

We will provide additional guidance as it becomes available.
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