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Posted by hasank (35) 17 Dec 2009#1
Hi everyone, Jus wondering if you can help me out in this matter, I made a application for my wife in Pakistan for a settlement visa in the uk. Unfortunately this has been refused on the following issues:

1------they state why are there no photos of me and my wife in the 2 months I resided ion Pakistan after my marriage.

2------the calling cads I included with the application are not acceptable as they can be purchased illegaly in pakistan

3------they do not believe the document I included from my parents authorising me to live in there property rent free

Do I have good grounds of appeal?????????? We did not take any pictures after the wedding.
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Posted by yaslami (36) 18 Dec 2009#2
to hasank:

salam,brother hope you are okay,sorry to hear your sad news,my husband was refused visa on the 1st of dec,im really suprised because my husband was refused entry on exactly the same 3 objections as yours!! i have contacted a very good solicitor who also won my sister appeal case.all you have to do is provide lots of supporting documents on all the objections.inshallah you will win your appeal,these bhc are money grabbing dogs,i suggest you contact a good solicitor,your objections are not major.
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Posted by hasank (35) 19 Dec 2009#3
to yaslami:

Hi thanks for your reply, im very sorry to hear about ur dilemmas...well av instructed an immigration officer to do the work on my behalf and he ses these are the worst rejection reasons he has ever come across and he said hes going to put it forward for review and we should get it in the review and we wont need to go thru with the appeal and every thing.....however I spoke to a immigration solicitor the other day and he sain u never get it in review they allways take it to u know anything with regards to that???????????
Also I nwas shocked to learn that it will cost 400 for the review 400 to take it to court and 400 for the barrister and as ive done it the hot way that means another 6 months tax....seems like a costly process???????????
So how far did ur sisters go??? did she go to court what were the costs involved.......and what arguments and supporting evidence are u thinking of putting forward???????????????????
anyone wishing to assist in this matter can contact me on
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Posted by yaslami (36) 19 Dec 2009#4
to hasank:

hi bro,yes it is true bhc are disregarding reviews at the moment,its better if you do a appeal,my sisters case was 6 years ago an was review because there was only 1 objection,an cost £800 then!!,im goin through appeal thats what solcitors thinks is best for my case, he is gona do every think all i have to do is give him documents he gona do the will cost me £1000 plus vat,my supporting evidence i have my bt phone bill with shows i been using calling cards,also my call history obtained by lyca mobile an lebabra which states call the calls ive made to my husband,and around 60 photo of outing family dinners etc after the wedding, hotel bills whre we stayed after marridge,bro include as much supporting docments i.e eid cards birthday cards,if u sent money reciepts,what ever u can find ask finds an familly who may have pics of u an u wife.if any family went with u to your wedding inc there passport copies,send copies of emails you may send your wife
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Posted by yaslami (36) 21 Dec 2009#5
to :

review takes 5 weeks not a year is u go 2 it will explain there
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Posted by ghazal (43) 22 Dec 2009#6
to yaslami:

hi am new on this my husbands visa was refused just this wk we got married in Pakistan on the 8th of october 2009 he applied on the 19th of October and just found out it was rejected due to insufficiant evidence of his spouses Accomodation although we send a council tax letter and bills of the house my father has bought me but is under his name we forgot to add in his mortgage letter for the house we think its due to that it was refused. we got his paper work thru from pakistan this sat and that is the reason it was refused... i need advise now should we appeal or wait a couple of months and send in a new application as am reading up on this matter and feel it can take far too long in appealing even over a year or so and am desperate for my husband to come over as we where only married for 10 days but had to come back due to work.... any comments plz and advise thx... if i review there is no point as they just only gona look at the paper work again and refuse it on that basis. i'm seeing a lawyer on tues and see wat she says regarding about the appeal if we go ahead i am totally gutted rite now as u can read i was only married for 10 days and hasd to leave him as had work... plz any advised would be appreicated thx...
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Posted by yaslami (36) 23 Dec 2009#7
to ghazal:

Salam sis i wont say appeal it takes 26 weeks in total,what if they refuse u again on somthing else,i knw around 5 people that they have refused this month on silly reasons.Check out this site will explain all
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Posted by hasank (35) 27 Dec 2009#8
to yaslami:

salaam again........ As i used international calling cards to call pakistan, the access no from the card was a free phone number and therefore it is not registered on my bill and therefore BT have said they can not send me itemised billing for the 0800 numbers as they were non chargeable calls.....what can i do any ideas???????????how can i proove the cards were used
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Posted by yaslami (36) 28 Dec 2009#9
to hasank:

wasalam,bo what about where u brought the cards can the guy do you a letter to say you have been buying these calling cards form his shop since so an so date? an may be he can put his cintact details on say please contact me if you require further assistant
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Posted by sami1234 (19) 29 Dec 2009#10

Allah pe barosa rakho inshallah sab theek ho jayega.
I have also submitted a visa application for my wife, I am waiting for the outcome and am really nervous after reading the rejection reasons on your spouse's application I am very sorry to hear this but dont worry just pray to Allah everthing will be fine inshallah.

Take care
Allah Hafiz

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Posted by ghazal (43) 31 Dec 2009#11
to sami1234:

hi well just an update on wat is happening been to the lawyer on tues 29th dec she basically said that it was a PITIFUL excuse in them rejecting the application... well she is gona get it reviewed after the holidays as its xmas/new year hoildays now so.... but while she has applied for a review she gona apply for a appeal as well so even if that comes back as a no we still have the appeal processed... now the only problem is that my hubby picked up the papers on the 16th i think of Dec but it was refused on the 7th so the lawyer needs proof and hubby says he never got anything from the embassy when he picked up the papers all i have with me is the envelope which has a stamp on the back when it was picked up but again this stamp only half can be seen on it as u can only see the number 1 and dec 2009 on it which i'm worried now i hope the lawyer gets the appeal in time now as she was wanting some proof so she has a little bit of time beofre the 28 days dead line.... anyway just waiting for the 5th of january so can have a word with her and see wat she says but hopeing she sends the appeal by nxt wk... fingers crossed...
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Posted by fxmax (1) 30 Jan 2010#12
to ghazal:

Hi Ghazal, I am just wondering how your appeal turned out I hope it went through okay. I am in much the same boat I am waiting for the visa decision but after reading your post it seems my accommodation may be weak as I too have not provided mortgage details, just a letter from father to stay in one of his flats, and provided bills. If they are consistent they may refuse on the same reason. Really like to know how your case is going so that I can prepare for the worst. Hope you got the decision that you wanted.
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Posted by sami1234 (19) 31 Jan 2010#13
Hey to all,

I have had a response and my wife's visa has been rejected of basis of lack of communication.
I provided phone cards such as lebara top up and various other international calling cards and the ECO officer rejected the visa on the basis the phone cards do not determine who has used the phone cards. Well to be honest in the guidance notes there is no mention of what is allowed and what is not allowed so personally I beleive this decision is unfair.
The ECO officer has been unfair:
I got married in Oct 2009- and the ECO officer has not picked up that I visited pakistan for 4 weeks in March to prepare for my wedding.
How ever I have seen a local IAS specialist who has adv we need evidence of contact between me and my wife. I have managed to collate passport copies showing I have been to Pakistan in March 09, mobile phone bills (itemised billing), More photographs of me and my wife togeather such as engagement and outing photographs. Also I have enclosed cards for special occasions birthday/eid cards.
I am very concerned about the length of time this will take as I am very distressed with the whole decision.
Has any one else had a refusal on the same grounds? if so can you please adv of how long it will take?
Thank you
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Posted by ghazal (43) 31 Jan 2010#14
to fxmax:

hi fxmax.... well appeal is lodged at the IMT in London.... got letter through to say that... not going to hear anything until after 1st of June for a hearing date.... yea it got refused on the basis of accomodation... crap isn't it... so we got a lawyer now who is dealing with it... not heard about anything about the Review as of yet... hope that is positive but we will see... well keep me updated regarding about u're application inshallah if u're lucky it won't get refused like it did for me.... all the best eh...
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Posted by Content3 (1) 04 Feb 2010#15
to hasank:

Please can you forward me your email - i know a good lawyer
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Posted by hasank (35) 05 Feb 2010#16
to Content3:
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Posted by sanaappeal (2) 12 Feb 2010#17
to Content3:

can u please help me n tell if u know any lawyer in lahore who can help me in making an appeal for my mother visit visa to uk as it got rejected he shouldnt be expensive
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Posted by ghazal (43) 12 Feb 2010#18
to :

hi thats great news...... how long did it take for the appeal to be heard... and how quick did he get the confirmation letter thru from the embassy for him to send off his passport....... and how long does it take for the passport to come back.. .as u have written he will get it by 23rd feb thx
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Posted by asadahmad (5) 15 Feb 2010#19
hi, i have been refused for a settlement visa, objections are,
A) Checks conducted with PTCL (land line phone company) could not prove the the authenticity of nikah nama. (but they only called me not the qazi and i could not tell the name of qazi to Bhc caller )
B) u faild to produce the wedding photos
c) i also noted that ur wife stayed only three days after marriage,

here i want to clearly describe the whole scenerio.
that it is a love n court marriage in which both families were not involved, my wife visited me in feb 2009 n july 2009(for marriage) but unluckily v have movie clips but not together, n no pic, would any body like to help me in this aspect.
is it nessesary for my wife to visit me again for removing the objections of photos (b) n three days stay (c)
and how can i prove our nikah nama authentic.
pl z reply me soon as possible coz i have been refused on 2nd of Feb but i received passport on 09th feb, i think my last day for submission of appeal is 30th Feb,
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Posted by Khalidsajjad (5) 17 Feb 2010#20
Resident/national of UK and get married in Pakistan. Now want to sponsor my wife so, would you please help me in following issues:

- Appropriate application form for applicant/wife applying from Pakistan?
- From name and download link?
- Exact visa fee and Gerry’s /Fedex Charges?
- Authorized hospital/institute for medical test in Lahore and Islamabad
- Any other useful information
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Posted by naseer78 (27) 23 Feb 2010#21
hi ya people just wanted to no how long it takes for eco to review his decision and get back to you! thanks
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Posted by Iqraa (4) 25 Feb 2010#22
to asadahmad:


I have applied yesterday for a dependent visa. My husband has a Tier 1 General visa. I have not provided any bills or calling cards etc.

My brothers wife last year got her visa the same way just in 20 days. The best way to prove the authenticity of you nikkah/marriage what I saw in her case was that before applying for the visa, just after her marriage she changed her NIC and made a new one with change in marital status. After that she got her new passport with Status change as well from father to husband name. What other proof is required? Dont tthey know NADRA does not issue any NIC's or passports with change in marital status unless you are really married.

So before applying yesterday, I almost spent like 25 days in this whole process of getting my new NIC and Passport. My husband was here for nikkah just for 5 days in January so I have provided pics of Nikkah and invitation card. I dont know why but I am confident as my bhabhi had provided nothing extra. I prefer to keep my application straight and simple.

Did you got your passport/NIC changed before applying?
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Posted by sami1234 (19) 26 Feb 2010#23
To Iqraa

Hey, Before applying in December 2009, I had my wifes NIC card and passport changed from her fathers name to marital name, how ever the this is I am british born, I have well paid job, and also provided enough evidence of our wedding including phone cards, and all the relevant documents but still my wifes visa has been refused on lack of contact because the phone calling cards did not determine who used them so I had to appeal against the decision. To be honest it depends on the day was review of application how the ECO officer is feeling? I had all paper work but refused on a petty reason how ever my sister in law came and my brother only provided phone calling cards and she had no problems with her visa at all.

May time was not right and Allah knows best what will happen..
Wish you all the best..
Allah hafiz
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Posted by hasank (35) 26 Feb 2010#24
to sami1234:

Hi just wanted to know if you appealed against the decision and if so what was the outcome and what supporting evidence did u provide.....
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Posted by sami1234 (19) 27 Feb 2010#25
I have appealed against the decision but have had no response yet- it can take up 5-10 weeks for them to write back advising if the appeal has been accepted or whether the appeal will go to court which can take up o 6 months.
Luckily I had mobile phones bills, more photo graphs, I downloaded my SMS on to my computer and printed these and also got my spouse to print her SMS too. We have requested for an adminsitration review? I dont know what will happen I just hope inshallah we will here something soon and she gets the visa..

If you ever come across appeal I would recomment you do it through IAS immigration specialists as they are recognised by the Home Office.

Thanks S...
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