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EB2-NIW Nebraska (any receipt date)

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Posted by GodsFavor3317 (1) 25 Apr 2018#4851

Hi all,
I just received a miracle!!! My NIW application has been approved (USCIS account), 7 recommendation letters, 2 independents, no RFE, PD Oct 20, 2017, RD Oct 24, 2017, Approved Apr 24, 2018.

MSc. in Petroleum Engineering from a UK university, BSc. Industrial Chemistry from Nigeria, working in the oil and gas industry as a Reservoir Engineer, no research background, no publications and no citations. I currently work for a State agency that regulates oil and gas operations. I reached out to 2 lawyers including V. Chen, they didn't think I had a strong case, V.C. refused to take my case. I met someone on here - Sandiegosoul, who encouraged me to go ahead and apply by myself despite the not so good news from the lawyers (he got his approval way back in 2015, so I'm not sure he comes on here anymore).

I prepared my application myself, it took a long time to put together, the internet was my best friend, I did not use a kit. But I had a friend who was willing to share her application with me, so I could see the formatting and how her lawyer argued her case (works in a different industry). I started by reading all the NIW AAO, learned what not to do from the mistakes others made and began to gradually understand what the USCIS officers would typically look for on a general basis.

Though I have been a silent reader on this site, you all helped me through this process. It always encouraged me whenever I came across a profile that didn't have a lot of citations. I am posting my story to encourage someone else, when I was searching it was hard to find anyone with a background similar to mine. Most Engineers I found through the AAO, without a research background were eventually denied. If you choose to self petition, remember that you are your own best advocate, you can package and sell your case better than any third party can.

to Aijay:

Congratulations my naija person...I'm waiting for my NIW miracle too...fingers crossed
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Posted by niw2rescue (2) 6 hours 32 minutes ago#4852

I have been silently following this thread for months. This thread has been very beneficial in many ways. At times I was encouraged by many stories shared here and very useful statistics and information provided by the users kept me more updated than any other forums or trackers (especially the USCIS tracker - don't we all know that by now)

I just want to share my experience so others can benefit from it (emotionally or otherwise). I have already added my case to the tracker so it will be helpful for others just as it was for me.

I'm a PhD in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering) from a top tier U.S University and currently working in the Industry as a Quantitative Developer. At the time of my filing, I had 12 conference papers and technical reports, 1 book chapter, and 1 journal. Total citations (independent and dependent) was around 45 at the time of filing and is about 53 now.

This is how my journey unfold:

March 2017 - Reached out to V. Chen for free case evaluation and they took my case
End of March - Started on I-140 application with V. Chen
08/21/2017 - Filed I-140 non-concurrent (there was absolutely no delay from Chen's end. It was my advisor who took lot of time providing me with a recommendation letter and revising it multiple times)
04/23/2017 - Raised a SR
04/23/2017 - Standard response to SR to wait for 30 days to hear further about the case.
04/25/2017 - Received response for SR: "currently under review with an officer"
04/25/2017 - Case was approved (case status updated in Old case tracker at USCIS still says "case received")

I must add that V. Chen was extremely helpful with the case evaluation, preparation, and follow up. I won't go into lengthy details as to the quality of her and her team work as many have attested to that in this thread. I can say I concur to the quality and service you receive from V. Chen and if any newbies still deciding on their lawyer, go ahead with Chen and you won't regret.

I wish all the very best and good luck to all others who are still waiting for their approval notices, especially my fellow August 2017 filers. I can attest to the agony of waiting and the trill of receiving good news. Don't give up and keep your hopes us.

Also a shout out to V.Chen and her team to a fantastic job!

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Posted by zenGC (29) 6 hours 25 minutes ago#4853
to niw2rescue:

Congrats!!! This is great news - now go take the day off :P
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Posted by niw2rescue (2) 2 hours 34 minutes ago#4854
to zenGC:

Thanks! yeah exactly my thought ;)
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