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September 2017 transfer from TSC to NBC

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Posted by suresh2404 (18) 17 Jan 2018#926
to greeniscolor:

Congrats. I have a similar but tricky situation here and would appreciate guidance from yourself and others in the forum. My interview was scheduled on 4th Jan, Newark but due to bad weather all interviews that day were cancelled. Got a new interview letter for 26th January. The problem is that I have to travel to India due to a pressing family situation in the beginning of February. As I had been traveling earlier as well, my AP was rejected.
Kind of unsure what should be done in this case. would appreciate any guidance/information that could be offered.
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Posted by phelps123 (60) 18 Jan 2018#927
to adhar3:

My Lawyer received the I-485 Approval notices for me and my spouse yesterday. There is a informed usps delivery from Lee Summit,Kansas for me from uscis tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
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Posted by nirav8383 (33) 18 Jan 2018#928
Hi guys,

My wait is over. I received my cards for both me and wife yesterday. It took exactly a week for them to arrive. My interview was on 10th and the card production was ordered on the same day. Lucky to get it done. Hope all who are waiting get your cards soon. Thank you for all your support.

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Posted by gcchaida (5) 18 Jan 2018#929
to nirav8383:

Congrats Nirav, enjoy greened life! Did your online status got updated? What about the Welcome letter, did it arrive with cards?
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Posted by nirav8383 (33) 18 Jan 2018#930
to gcchaida:

Online status was Card mailed to your address. Nothing after that. Approval notice came on 16th and cards arrived on 17th along with welcome letter.

Good luck all

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Posted by Tallarin (17) 18 Jan 2018#931
To All,

This may help you to ease your anxiety.

If you already gone through the interview, I understand that your anxiety will continue until you open the envelope with the GC.

My Case Experience: (more info is on previous posts)

Interview date: 1/5/18 approved on the spot
Online updates: 9/27/17 - Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction, then no more updates until 1/11/18 - New Card Is Being Produced. Then no more updates such as "Card Mailed"
Informed Delivery: (This tool is awesome!) Be sure that on your settings you select YES for both Mail and Packages and add your phone number to receive text updates for packages because the GCs come as a package from USCIS - LEES SUMMIT PRODUCTION FACILITY - KANSAS CITY, MO
Informed Delivery: 1/18/18 - Approval Notices for my family and myself from Lee’s Summit, MO
Informed Delivery: 1/18/18 – Green Cards for my family and I

With this, I concluded a 13 years journey using all type of visas available, F1, OPT, STEM OPT, and 6 years H1-B. For me is easy to say this right now, so I will say it anyway: Please stay positive and do whatever helps you to diminish the stress because your time will come soon and you will be able to enjoy this accomplish, which I think, it was tougher than earning a PhD and being marry with 5 children! Many of you know how difficult it can be for your spouse to be 6 years or more on an H4 visa at home, with 5 kids in my case, without being able to work, looking at the bills that may not be paid on time, or being able to study because in the state where you live H4 visa holders are required to pay out of state tuition. Now my wife just enrolled in college as an instate student.

Good luck everybody and enjoy life! Keep sharing because if it weren’t for all your posts I will be totally insane right now!
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Posted by Hrerm9 (202) 18 Jan 2018#932
I had wrapped up my i485 interview yesterday(17-Jan) at Chicago office. I could not share as I was busy in few activities.
Here is a summary of my experience:

Scheduled interview time: 11:15am.
- Check-in time: 10:55am
- Wait-time: 40 min
- Interview started at 11.40am
- Interview duration: 20 min

Interview process:
As usual started with Oath, Photos, finger printing followed by attorney waiver signature.
- IO asked the DL, Passport and original interview letter.
- Officer verified my legal name, DOB, current address, phone number?
- Officer collected the Employement verification letter and paystubs.
- since mine approved I140, verified Is pertioner same for I485.
- Are you or your spouse are relatives to the owner of the company?
- Verified the visa status/transfers like H1 to L1 etc..
- I-94 travel history and last entry to US.
- Verified about passport/visa lost anytime? Has anyone travelled with you passport/visa etc?
- What company do I work for? What does my company do?
- How long have I worked for my company?
- What is my role in the company?
- Officer writing down all these details in the application
- How many marriages you had? I said only one.
- What are the first names of parents and spouse
- Asked all Y/N questions from the i485 application
- Finally She verified and confirm that my I485J and Medicals are fine.
At the end, the officer said everything looks good from my side and she need to verify some company financials and others and she said she has to complete some standard admin processes. She said if everything looks good or any additional information required, I should get an update in few weeks over mail. Then I asked how many weeks it may take and she said it may take 2 weeks to get the final decision.

At the end of the interview, we were handed a notice of interview results "Your case has been held for review....". I assume that this is a standard notice.

All the best ...
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Posted by anonyme (6) 18 Jan 2018#933
Interview Exp:
The interview for me and Wife was scheduled @Mt. Laurel NJ on 16th Jan and my toddler son's interview was scheduled for 18th Jan. Although lady, at front desk, refused to combine all three interviews, IO agreed to it.

IO asked whether there will be an attorney accompanying us, we replied no. He asked us to take oath and give him passports. Thereafter he took our photos and index finger prints. Then IO asked us typical three yes/no questions from i485. IO went through our documents and ensured we have submitted medical, Birth and Marriage certificate. Then he asked just question whether you are continuing with same company or not. (I guess it was not relevant because mine was self petition).

Then he said he is approving our cases and you will get approval in a week time and card a week after that. We got electronic status update on egov.uscis on 18th Jan that Our case is approved and notice will be mailed.
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Posted by secux123 (15) 19 Jan 2018#934
Today we received our cards. All details are in my profile. Wish you all the best to all waiting for the process to complete! Information shared in these forums helped me to stay calm and helped me in each step. Thank you all!
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Posted by backmarker (17) 19 Jan 2018#935
I got my green card today!

Good luck to all those who are waiting.
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Posted by shranger (109) 19 Jan 2018#936
Guys ,

So my case status changed to approved yesterday. However, the date of approval says 3 days before I got the update.
For example, the online status change was received yesterday 19th at 3 am however the date on the notification says " your case was approved on 17th. I also did not get any text notification that I signed up for.

Also, i do not see anyone's case status changing to approved, mostly directly from case transfer/post interview to card production or card/mailed.

Am I being paranoid here or this could be an indication of some kind of error?
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Posted by babbal (19) 20 Jan 2018#937
Hello trackitt fellows. Today I received GCs for me and my wife & Below is my timeline.

EB1C/India 140 Filed :- 19th March 2017
i485 filed: May-9,2017
Got EAD/APCombo Cards: 5th Sept 2017
Case Transfer: Oct-16,2017
Interview Notice: Nov- 8 2017
Interview scheduled: Jan 8th,2018
On the spot verbal approval
Card being produced: Jan-10,2018
Card was mailed to me : Jan -18, 2018
Cards received : Jan -20, 2018

All the best who are waiting for their interview and post-interview approvals and would like to thank to all trackitt users who kept on updating the status during their GC journey which has helped a lot of other people like me, again THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.
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Posted by e0251349 (83) 20 Jan 2018#938
to babbal:

My status changed to card production today!!!!
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Posted by ankur82 (51) 21 Jan 2018#939
Adding recent updates in this thread.

username/ Date of transfer/ Interview notice date/ Interview Scheduled for / Field office / EB category

brightlights: Sept 21/TBD/TBD/NY/ EB2
twelfare: SEP 20 2017/DEC 21 2017/JAN 30 2018/ORLANDO FL/EB1C/UK/TSC
elwatto: Sept 20/ TBD/ TBD/ San Francisco / EB2 ROW-spain
NIWAY: Sep 21/ TBD/TBD/ Newark NJ/ EB2 -NIW
HelenS: Sept 25 and 27/ TBD/TBD/ Minneapolis-St Paul/ EB2 ROW-Ukraine
Sessami: Sep 22/TBD/TBD/Chicago, IL/ EB2-ROW

John009: Oct 23/TBD/TBD/Santa Ana/EB1C India
Lamba76:Oct 17/TBD/TBD/San Francisco/EB1C India
Statuscheck123:Oct 18/TBD/TBD/Houston/EB2 ROW
jake777:Oct 18/TBD/TBD/Memphis TN/EB2ROW (India/Kuwait)
hsh4: Oct 18/TBD/TBD/Miami/EB1A-ROW
anonyme:Oct 18/TBD/TBD/Newark NJ/EB1-A (India)
mlalagirl86: Oct/ TBD/TBD/ Hartford CT/ EB1B I
neverlands: Oct 18/TBD/TBD/Baltimore MD/NIW-ROW-Taiwan
deegreen: Oct 18/TBD/TBD/Boston/EB-1A India
piscesmini: NSC to NBC Oct 25/TBD/TBD/ NY/ EB1b India
mafahad: October 25/ Dec 29/ Jan29 / Seattle Washington / EB2 - ROW (Pakistan)
dban:Oct-25/TBD/TBD/San Jose/EB1A
innerpeas/Oct-25/TBD/TBD/San Francisco/EB1C (India)
Shahgeepk : Oct 30/TBD/TBD/Washington DC / EB2 ROW(Pakistan)
EB1BDNA: Oct 30/TBD/TBD/Dallas Tx / EB1B (India)
AmiShanto: Oct-31/TBD/TBD/El Paso/EB2-ROW
secux123: NSC to NBC Oct 25/TBD/TBD/ SF/ EB1A India
Kelvin20012: Oct 31/TBD/TBD/Dallas/EB2 ROW
Bellatrixy: Oct 30/TBD/TBD/Boston/EB1B ROW
secux123: NSC to NBC Oct 25/Dec 14/Jan 11/ SF/ EB1A India
mansii: 27 Oct 2017/ 21 Dec 2017/ 17 Jan 2018 / Newark NJ / EB2
drmc/ TSC to NBC on October 17th/ TBD /TBD /Montgomery /EB1A /India

Saaaaz: Nov-8/TBD/TBD/Washington DC/EB3-Pakistan
Bfactor84: Nov-8/TBD/BD/Oakland Park, FL/EB-1B India
nayaghare/ Nov 08/ TBD/ TBD / Texas / EB2 NIW
zhanghai/ Nov 08/ TBD/ TBD/ Chicago/ EB1-A China
shinyfuture: Nov 15 / NA / NA / San Francisco/EB-1A ROW (Canada)
morzbidz: Nov 15/ TBD/ TBD/ Chicago/ EB1-A China
june82: Nov 8/TBA/ TBA / NYC / EB1A (India)
freespeech: Nov 16/TBD/TBD/AR/ EB2-ROW
Sai80: 24 Nov/waiting/waiting/Memphis/EB3
greencardeb: Nov 16/Dec 22/Jan 31/NYC/EB2-ROW
TangerineHouse: Nov 29/ TBD/ TBD / Unknown / EB3 India
equanimous : Nov 1/Dec 21/Jan 23/Houston/EB1A/TBD
joypeace21: Nov 7, 2017/ Dec 28, 2017/ Feb 1st 2018/ Norfolk, VA/ EB2 ROW Cote d'Ivoire

DEC transfers
Sivamarri/Dec 02/TBD/TBD/TBD(May be Charlotte-NC)/EB3I
rajmail77 : Dec 11/TBD/TBD/Dallas/EB1C-India
seahunk: 11th Dec 2017/ TBD / TBD / Houston / EB1A
2002Green/Dec. 13th/TBD/TBD/Lee's Summit, MO/EB2-NIW


Fuzailm: Aug 21/ Oct 27/ Nov 30/Atlanta GA/ EB2 Pakistan

JesseSilva: Sept 21/Nov 1/Dec /Texas/EB3 ROW
skumar2017 : Sept 19/ Oct 30 / Dec 12/ San Antonio, TX / EB2 India
Lapeste: Sept 20/ Nov 10/ Dec 11/ NYC / EB3 ROW-France
Jennica : Sept 22/Nov 13/Dec14/Santa Ana/ EB1 CHINA
kbbeb1c: Sept/ Oct/ Nov 30/ Bay area CA/ EB1C India (
Tallarin: Sept 25 and 27/ Nov 29 / Jan 5 / Tucson / EB2-NIW-Argentina
phelps123: Sept 25-29/ Dec 9/Jan-10/ Phoenix
peterwong: Sept 20/ Dec11/ Jan 16/ Jacksonville FL/ EB2 ROW-Hong Kong
freeJLEL: Sept 20/ Dec 18/ Jan 22/ SFO/ EB2 ROW-Philippines

skeeter7: Oct18/Nov 18/ Dec 20/ Newark/ EB3 ROW South Africa
backmarker:Oct 18/24 Nov/2 Jan 2018/San Antonio TX/EB3 ROW (South Africa)
Travelgc: oct 30/nov 20/Dec 28/Boston/EB1A India
"eb1cwanted", Interview scheduled for mid December.
omfprof: Oct 18/Nov 29/Jan-4/Houston TX/EB1A-India
arash1602: Sep-21/November 29, 2017/January 11, 2018/El Paso/EB2-ROW
cordobesgc: Oct 28/ Dec 01 / Jan 04 / Chicago, IL / EB3- ROW (Argentina)
GoddamnNIW: Oct-27/Dec-9/Jan-10/Boston/EB2
Approve2017: Oct26/ Dec 2> Jan 4/NYC/EB1B/India
vkor: Oct 25/Dec1/Jan4/ Chicago/ EB2 ROW
babbal: Oct 16/ Dec 8 / Jan 8 / Charleston, WV / EB1C
nirav8383: Oct 18/December 7/January 10/Greer SC/EB1A (India) (residence SC, work NC, Charlotte)
Manumol: Oct 27/nov 30/jan 8/Hartford CT/ EB1A Italy
crooked: Oct 25/Dec 08/Jan 11/San Francisco/EB2 ROW

oneOfTheseDays: Nov 8/Nov 25/Dec 28/Boston/Eb1-B (ROW)
Mythdomo/ Nov 01/ Nov 30/ Jan 4/ Wisconsin/ EB2 NIW
peagirl / Nov 16 / Dec 14 / Jan 22 / EB3-ROW

misom: Sep 27/ oct 13/ Nov 17/ San francisco/ EB2 ROW (
azzbal: sep 21/ Oct 18/ Nov 20/CA (LA)/ EB2 ROW- Serbia (
urbi: Sep 20 / Nov 2/ Dec 5 / Elizabeth NJ / EB-3 China
NiluB: NSC to NBC Oct 25/TBD/Jan2,2018/ SF/ EB1A India (
ankur82:Sep 22/ Dec 5/ Jan 16/ AR/ EB1B


mohamdy: Sept21/ TBD/Jan 5/Memphis TN/EB2 ROW Egypt
chien54776: Sept 25 and 28/ TBD/Jan4/ Salt lake city/ EB2 ROW-Taiwan
Dexterhsu:June 17 filer/ Aug 23/ sep 26/Oct 23 /Florida Oakland Park office /EB2ROW taiwan
shashwatb Aug transfer/ EB3 ROW Nepal (account doesn't exist anymore)
vmsk5928 May file/ Aug 29/ Sep 19/ Oct 20/ EB1B India
SZK23: Aug 23/ Sep 22/ Oct 17/?/ EB1B I/ Approved
GotMyPR: June filer/ Aug 23/ Oct 4/ Oct 24/ EB2 ROW Egypt/ Approved Oct 24 (
vc27: Sep 21/Oct 14/ Nov 2/ Cleveland OH/ EB1B India -approved at spot
dreamerm: Aug22/ Sep 21/ Oct 30/ EB2 Japan- Approved 10/31
Surya10: Sep 21/Oct 24 /Nov 7/Houston, TX/EB-1B India
kaus: Sep22/ Oct 5/ Nov 6/ Seattle/EB1B India ( issue: 485 J adjudication)
fbru2: Aug 25/Sept 24/Oct25/ ?CALI / EB3 ROW Uruguay
samsr1: sep 21/ Oct 6/ Nov 9/ Santa Clara/EB1C India approved Nov 14
huzy: Aug 22/ Sep 27/ Oct 26/ EB3 ROW ( issue: 485 J adjudication)/ approved Nov 16
Greenedlife: Sept 25/OCt/nov 18/Houston/ EB2 ROW Nepal (
rslca: Sep27/Oct 18/ Nov 20/ CA-SF / EB2 ROW Bangladesh ( Approved Nov 25
marishat: Aug 23/ Oct 19/ Nov 14/ Newark NJ / EB2 ROW-Ukraine ( approved Nov 14 (date of interview)
ank1tbhatia: Sept 21/ Oct 26/ Nov 21/ Houston / EB1A India (approved nov 22)
Wispa: Sept 21-22/ Oct 25/ Nov 28/ Hartford CT/ EB2 ROW-Ukraine
"EEEFP1", Green Card Approval after interview
"GoJackets", Green Card Approval after interview
BiggV:Sept27/Oct26/Nov27/Seattle/EB2 ROW-Nepal
walrus80: Oct 3/Nov 1/Dec 5/Los Angeles/EB2-Mexico (approved on spot)
"srajput", interview dated 11/28/17
travelexplore: Sep 20/Oct 23/Nov 29/ Newark NJ/ EB2 ROW Taiwan
shadowfax5: Sept 25/ Oct 27 / Nov 29 / Portland, OR / EB1-B (India)
"stayus", interview dated 10/7/17
AnyMomentNow: Aug 6/ Sept 6/ Oct 6/ Lawrence, MA/EB3 - India ( issue: 485 J adjudication)
dimevision: Sep 22 (NSC to NBC)/Oct 19/Nov 30/Phoenix/EB2-ROW-Iran
xtsb: Sep 25 / Oct 27 / Nov 29 / San Francisco, CA / EB-2 ROW
kk07: Sep 21/ Oct 18/ Nov21/ WA/ EB1C India (
Newgreened: Sep 19/ oct 23/ Nov 29/ ?/ EB2 - primary approved (
tns009: Sep 19/Oct 31/Dec 1/DC/ EB2 ROW
cafebaba: Sep22/Nov3/Dec12/San Jose/ EB2 India-charge Canada
EB2GCCOUPLE: Sept 20/ Nov 2/ Dec 7/ Hartford CT/ EB2 ROW-Nepal
phelpsbuddy : sep 21/oct 28/Nov 30/Phoenix/EB1C/Dec 10-GC came in mail
Greeniscolor: Sep 20/Nov 2/Dec 6/Newark NJ/EB1B India (received 485 approval letter on 12/22, GC scheduled to arrive 12/26)
waitinggame17: Sept 21/ Nov 15/ Dec 18/Denver CO/EB1B India (
Godsfavored: Oct. 18/Nov. 15/ Dec 19/Charleston,SC/ EB-NIW ROW,Ghana.,Approved on December 21st, Received Approval December 26th in mail, Green Card delivered by USPS priority mail on December 30th.
B2BostonIran: Oct 17/Nov 20/Dec 27/Boston/EB2 Iran
erderka : Sep21/ Nov15/ Dec19/San Francisco/ EB2 ROW Ukraine
Billjee:EB2 ROW/RD May11, 2017, Case moved to NBC Oct 18th, Interview scheduled for Dec 20th interview in DC (VA) office.
Golla2017: Oct25/Unknown/Jan 2,2018/Unknown/EB1A
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Posted by ankur82 (51) 21 Jan 2018#940

Sorry for the delay in posting the experience , but I feel many things went wrong in the interview and I am so worried.
Has anybody experience this in your interview , What happens If attorney waiver is not signed, does it invalidate interview? MY IO forgot to make me sign one :(

Here is how it went.
Scheduled interview time: Jan 16 10:30am. I checked in at 10 am and was waiting , but was not called untill 11 am.
The officer who called me in shook my hand and said sorry about the wait but the officer who was handling your case had to leave coz she was not feeling well. I just got your case and have not been able to go through it.
He then took me to his office and said First we will do the oath and then fingerprints and attorney waiver. Then he asked me to put my index finger for fingerprints but there was a problem with the fingerpeint reader and from there he struggled 20-25 minutes to make it work. It didint work in the end , so he took me out of his office and we waited outside another officers office till he got free and then he took my fingerprints.
Once we came back to my IO's cabin, He asked me to explain what my job was and asked several follow up questions and also kept looking up something on his computer. He then asked me for supplement J, So I told him that it doesnt apply because I filed concurrent. He got confused and started looking up stuff in the computer. To be fair , he did say that , 'Sorry this is only my 2nd emplyment case , I am used to only handling family based cases before'. Then he called some supervisor/another officer n talked about supp J. He said that he is still not sure but if I didint bring a Supp J , that settles it , he will look into it after the interview. I asked if he wanted EVL in place of J or any other docs. He said he does not want anything else.
After that He asked me I 485 Yes/No questions. After that he said that priority for India is not current. I told him that EB1 India should be current as per Jan bulletin. He again started looking up stuff in the computer for a while , then said for some reason I cant see that now. But I will look after the interview.
I asked him if he sees any problems in approving the case. He said that since he just got my case he cant say anything yet but it should not take more than 60 days to know the result. He did not give me any paper.
After this he walked me out and said goodluck.

The IO was nice but I felt like he has clueless, the whole process took 2 hours , It was 1 10 when I came out. and to make it worse , as soon as I caught cab back to hotel, I realised, HE DIDINT MAKE ME SIGN THE ATTORNEY WAIVER, may be he forgot about it and I too forgot about it , I am so annoyed with myself :( I am so tensed now. I have not got any case status updates either, its been 5 days. I see everyone is getting updates in 2-3 days. I am very worried.
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Posted by e0251349 (83) 21 Jan 2018#941
to ankur82:

Don’t worry about your interview, I don’t see anything that you should be concerned about. Agree that you had delays and issues but those were all logistical issues beyond your or officers control. They are new to employment based interviews so it will take time for them. Be patient and hang tight. Also there is no need for you to sign anything. My interview was conducted on January 3rd but the officer didn’t ask me anything either. I am sure your case will be approved without any issues.
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Posted by ankur82 (51) 21 Jan 2018#942
to e0251349:

Thank you e0251349! Appreciate this.
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Posted by GoddamnNIW (206) 22 Jan 2018#943
to ankur82:

Anybody approved on the spot at Boston or anywhere else and still waiting for physical approval notice (and green card) after two weeks?
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Posted by eb1aoct17 (89) 22 Jan 2018#944
Urgent :
I got ASC biometrics Appointment notice for my minor daughter from NBC .Myself and my wife was done in back 0ct 30 2017 and received the EAD , AP for us . My Daughter also received the AP. But now , we got this FP appointment for my minor daughter only. Have anybody got like this ? and will this delay the interview schedule.
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Posted by shranger (109) 23 hours 20 minutes ago#945
to ankur82:

I don't think your interview went bad. I would definitely say that if you had a lawyer with you he would have been able to explain officer better.

I think whats going to happen is that the officer is going to ask around about the suppJ and after he confirms , he is going to approve you.

good luck.
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Posted by shranger (109) 23 hours 15 minutes ago#946
So my GC case got approved on friday and I received the welcome letter today. I have updated my profile with details.

RD : 03/09/2018
Approval: 1/19/2018

The online status shows that my application was approved on 1/17 even though i received the update on 19th. I think the there some slight delays on that regards.

Good luck to all of you guys. It was a long painful experience and I have still to come to terms with what this means. It was only 2 years compared to a lot of you guys but felt like ages.

Please hang in there and help around as much as you can.
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Posted by wan2getGreened (63) 21 hours 17 minutes ago#947
Guys, I had my interview today at Houston Field Office and I had a wonderful experience. Whole process took may be half an hour tops. My wife and I were interviewed together even though our interviews were scheduled one after the other. We waited for about half an hour for Interview. My interview time was at 8am 01.22.2018. We went in by 08:30s and were out before 9.

Officer was very cool and familiar with process. She was satisfied with our EB1B case and at the end she said I am approving your case subject to you clear criminal background check. To our pleasant surprise, my wife received a call about 11 am from the same officer letting us know that we cleared background check and we should receive email or text confirmation by evening if we were signed up for Alerts. Or check uscis check my case status for next few hours. If we don’t get our cards in 2 months time she asked us to go back and see her. By 04:20 pm we received alert about New Cards in Production.

She was super nice, Cool and very knowledgeable about process. No trick questions were asked. She verified 485 info and my job profile and what I do. I have multiple approved I-140s so she teasingly asked which one do I want to go by as rest all are under EB2. I laughed and requested to go by EB1 as it is current.

Wish you all the best guys. Hang in there.
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