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U.S. Immigration Forums (Family-Based)

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Concurrent I-130 / I-485 Forum
Subject Posted
Concurrent filing I 130/485 Decembe... 7 min ago
Aug 2017 Concurrent I-130/I-485 fil... 40 min ago
Health Insurance for Greencard Pare... 23 hrs ago
All Interview Experiences Posted He... 23 hrs ago
improving score in ielts ? 1 day ago
May 2017 Concurrent I-130 / I-485 S... 18 Jan
Ad The Best NRE/NRO Bank Accounts
Concurrent Filing I-130, I-1485 - J... 18 Jan 16 Jan
What happens to pending application... 11 Jan 11 Jan
How long can we stay out of US with... 10 Jan
Concurrent Filing I-130, I-485, I-7... 10 Jan
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I-130 Forum
Subject Posted
Fiancee visa sponsored by US citize... 18 Jan
Family based Green card 15 Jan
After The Interview at a Consulate 6 Jan
Family Based and Employment based G... 3 Jan
Sibling Sponcer 31 Dec
Rather unusual Immigration and Divo... 21 Dec
Ad Step By Step Guide to H1B Visa
Experience upgrading petition from ... 18 Dec
Submitted DS-260 and sent packege t... 30 Nov
I-130 sibling , question about the ... 21 Nov
Texas November 2016 I-130 filers 17 Nov
I-130 Filing for Wife Outside USA 3 Nov
Travel with Pending i130 and active... 1 Nov
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I-130 (Preference Category) Forum
Subject Posted
F2A - Pending I-485 -Waiting for In... 29 Dec
Marriage to Green Card holder 15 Nov
YSC potomac service center. applica... 11 Nov
TEXAS USCIS Processing center (I-13... 30 Sep
Approved I-130 was mistakenly sent ... 26 Jul
how long take to schedule an interv... 8 Feb
Ad CoverAmerica-Gold: Best Visitors Insuran...
Infopass Appointment at Washington ... 20 Jan
hello 7 Jan
How long it takes to get interview ... 17 Nov
1-130 for F2A 11 Jun
cspa help please 8 Jun
Please share your thoughts! 8 Jun
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I-485 (Family-based) Forum
Subject Posted
Child born in India to USC parents 14 Jan
Waiting for the final date to be cu... 12 Jan
What should I do when final action ... 12 Jan
NBC Processing timings 3 Jan
Does Port of Entry matters when app... 25 Dec
i-485 interview for i-360 applicati... 25 Dec
Ad Connecting USA Visitors in their Neighbo...
Questions on Immigrating unmarried ... 15 Dec
Testo Boost XS Review 18 Nov
I-485 Checklist 17 Nov
F2A experience share here 13 Nov
F2A financial for sponsor - how muc... 28 Oct
Advise needed for Parents travel 27 Oct
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Immigration News and Updates
Federal Court Decision Confirms H-1B...
15 Apr 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Impact of US Government Shutdown on Visa...
8 Apr 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Update on EB-2 Visa Availability: EB-2 India...
30 March 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Possible Impact of Government Shutdown...
18 Mar 2011 by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
DOS Releases New Guidance on L Visas...
3 Mar 2011 by Andrew Wilson
Answers from Immigration Lawyers
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Derivative i485 receipt has incorrect pr
21 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Is it better to travel on my h1b visa or
15 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Andrew-Wilson Adding spouse as dependent with primary
15 Jan by Andrew M. Wilson
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Moving green card application category f
09 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
Indu-Liladhar-Hathi Sevis did not get updated even after h1b
02 Jan by Indu Liladhar-Hathi
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